Helping people to become Certified Career Services Providers (CCSP), Certified Career Counselors (CCC) and Global Career Development Facilitators (GCDF). To register for the 11-week, entirely online, course that includes weekly Zoom classes (two hours max), please click on the "Register Now" button just below: All start dates and Zoom meeting times being offered will be listed when you click the "Register Now" button.


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What is Facilitating Career Development (FCD) Training & Certification Program?

Get Certified Now! The FCD Training course is offered to anyone interested in becoming an exceptional career services provider... such as: higher ed. professional staff (career services, academic advisors, etc.), counselors/therapists, Private Practice, Human Resource professionals, recruiting and outplacement pros, career coaches, career center staff, life coaches, non-profit professionals, and all others interested in becoming Certified Career Services Providers. I am a nationally trained instructor and would love to work with you! The FCD Training Course leads to Certification: The course is a pre-requisite for: √ Certified Career Services Provider: Earning your CCSP credential from the NCDA √ Certified Career Counselor: Earning your CCC credential from the NCDA √ Global Career Development Facilitator: Earning your GCDF credential from the CCE

We cover the 12 Competencies needed to become certified. 

Some of the things you will learn include:

Helping and Listening Skills (very important for Career Professionals to have a productive and successful meeting with a student or client); Training & Leading Groups: How to lead a career workshop, deliver a career presentation; & keynote address; Career theories and their applications;  Assessments: (14 assessments are included to help students and clients learn more about themselves); How to serve multicultural populations;  Technology resources as they relate to career services, the future of work and current career tools;  How to achieve career clarity and how to work with an undecided students and clients;  Job seeking and employability skills such as:  developing  modern resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, personal statements, networking, informational interviewing, job interview preparation, the hidden job market, etc., and how to design and implement career services. 

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  • Career resources and labor market information
  • Career planning processes
  • Basic helping and facilitation skills
  • Career development models and theories
  • Informal and formal assessment approaches
  • Diversity and specific population need
  • Student/client development in a career resource center
  • Training others and program promotion
  • Case management and referral skills
  • Ethical and scope-of-practice issues
  • Professional and resource portfolios
  • Cutting-edge job searching
  • Resume | LinkedIn | Cover Letters
  • Interview Preparation
  • Networking | Hidden Job Market | Informational Interviewing
  • Clarifying Career Goals
  • & More

The in-depth training requires 120 hours provided by Meg Gerry, M.S., CCSP, GCDF, a nationally trained and qualified instructor.

Those who complete the FCD Training course are qualified to apply to become a Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP), a Certified Career Counselor (CCC) and/or a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) as long as  you have met the basic requirements set forth by  the Council on Credentialing & Education, Inc. (CCE) and the National Career Development Association (NCDA).

Facilitating Career Development training can enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals who work in any type of career development setting.

The FCD curriculum provides training in each of the 12 career development competencies and there is plenty of opportunities to build skills and knowledge in areas that are new to you, as well as enhance and develop those that you use every day.

College Credit is available through Castleton University for an additional $425.00

FCD graduates serve as career specialists, Career professionals, career coaches, academic advisors, career development trainers and instructors, career and development program managers, career center directors, career group facilitators, independent career consultants, job search trainers, career resource professionals, human resource career development coordinators, and mental health practitioners, among others. The Facilitating Career Development (FCD) program is an internationally recognized training certificate program that is offered for anyone interested in becoming an exceptional career services provider. The course includes everything that you need to know to become a competent Career Services Provider.  To learn more details about the FCD Training program, please contact me to arrange a Zoom meeting. To schedule a meeting, please email me at: If you already work in higher ed. and want to take your career advising skills to the next level, then this is the place for you!  This is also a great course for anyone working in career services that wants to become exceptional at what they do! If you are interested in becoming a Career Coach, a Career Counselor, or would like to transition into this field.... this is the best place to start!  To become certified, first you will need to complete the FCD Training Course (NCDA) that I instruct.  I am one of their nationally trained instructors, and I would love to work with you!  I invite you to register  for my 11-Week, entirely online FCD Training course (with start dates offered twice/month) that will lead you to certification.  Just click on the "Register Now" button above to get started. The 120-hour class will prepare you for success in the growing field of career development. This course combines weekly face-to-face training (Zoom Video Conferencing) with online learning (using the Canvas Instructure learning platform) to give you the skills you need to work in any type of career development setting.  Weekly class times (via Zoom) will be arranged at a mutually convenient time and classes last two hours maximum each week. Upon completing this training, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion which is required when applying for a credential from the National Career Development Association and/or the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) certification through CCE-global , depending on education and experience.  To read reviews/recommendations, please visit my LinkedIn page:

Registration Fee

$1375.00:  Fee includes required FCD Student Manual($250), Certification application fee ($100), Custom PowerPoint Presentations to review each chapter, Fourteen Career Assessments, Career Development Book, A Custom e-learning Website, Custom Course Materials (Original Content) such as "DESTINATION: 11 Vital Steps to Achieving Career Clarity"; and "How to Create an Effective Resume" for today, Weekly Video Conferencing via Zoom. (scheduled at a mutually convenient time), Videos, Podcasts, etc. 

If you have any questions, please email me at:

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$1,375.00 per student

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